Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello Stargazing, this is your future calling...

Now, I don't want to change major life details because as they say "things happen for a reason". I wouldn't have my fantastic husband and wonderful daughter if I, let's say: finished high school & went to Concordia University to study dance or became a natural healer with a studio overlooking the ocean or went travelling through Europe or stayed in Victoria. I do however wish I had followed a few simple rules throughout my young adult years that I'm struggling to implement now:

  • Follow a budget: know how much you need for expenses, allow for spending cash and save 10% of your paycheque.
  • It's ok to love to own books, knick knacks and tons of craft supplies - but have "a place for everything and keep everything in it's place" (not at the bottom of the stairs, on the kitchen, coffee or dinning room table!)
  • Focus on completing one task before starting another - have a good plan on how to accomplish each one effectively
  • Spontaneity is fun for most things, but a well researched investment - be it money, a job or effort - saves stress, disappointment and cash. (but not always - this is a tricky one)
  • Eat more fruit and veggies, period.
  • Invest in quality face cleaning and moisturizing products, used twice daily - don't forget your neck!

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  1. I think you were two years old the first time I told you to be sure to moisturize your neck.

    You've made some good choices and some not-so-good, but you're in a fine place now, and that new car doesn't hurt.

    Like the photo too. Your webcam works much better than mine.