Monday, October 11, 2010

So did I learn something?

As you may know, the couch we bought for our condo is waaayyy too big for our living room. It's a really comfy sectional; beige microfiber top with a dark brown leather-looking base, a full size couch and a large left side chaise lounge in case anyone is interested in it. We bought it when we first took possession of the condo, so we had the opportunity to measure our space but being the instant gratification seekers we are and poor planners we seemed to be, we did not. As much as we love the couch, it was a silly mistake for our present living space.

We finally agreed we need to get other furniture for the living room/dinning room, especially since we have no room for a dinning table at the moment. I think it's important to teach Robyn that meals are to be eaten at a dinning table and not hunched over the coffee table in front of the TV, as we do now. Ideally, we should have a smaller couch, a nice chair and a small dinning set.

Thursday, mom and I took a day trip to Perth. There are some really beautiful gift shops there and we decided to get started on our Christmas shopping. There is also a Home Furniture Store in Perth, a sister store to Home Hardware. Mom has found some nice things in there on previous visits, so we thought we should take a peek to get some ideas for rectifying our furniture situation.

When we entered the store we were greeted and asked if we needed any help by a lovely sales lady, who we promptly told "No, we're just looking. Thank you." We continued to poke through the store commenting to each other on pieces we liked or disliked. Before we knew what was happening the sales lady had joined us, giving us the tour of the store, opening sofa-beds, insisting we try each model as they seat differently, patiently repeating herself about dimensions and fabric options, fashionably pairing wing chairs with condo sized sofas...

Did I leave with a couch and two wing chairs? You betcha!

So, did I learn something? If that I shouldn't go into a store where I might want to actually buy what's for sale but should really be less impulsive is the answer, then no. But we knew that already. I did however learn it's much more stylish to have coordinating fabrics but not matching ones when it comes to choosing sofa and chair coverings. You don't want to have the "furniture store" look in your living room.

I found a picture of the wing chair but not of the sofa. I can't wait to have a tea and read a book in it, it's really nice to sit in - not to mention classy.

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