Monday, November 29, 2010

Yo chicka! Je t'aime.

I am so happy to have kept this friend close, even though we have lived some 3500 kilometres apart for a good chunk of our post high school years. She has been the most caring, supportive and inspirational friend I could ever ask for. During our dance years at DLS we had some wild times creating numbers and performing various choreographies... I still hear "Scoooop!" when I think of our "alien dance" - an inside joke that may be so far gone she wouldn't remember it. It's rare that you ever see her without her gorgeous and yes, luscious smile. She has the wildest imagination, that's got us into and out of trouble many, many times.

Always the open minded person, she tried AND ATE a fish dish I served her a few weeks ago - I've been told she would never touch the stuff. I have the picture to prove it:

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