Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adventures with Bynny Volume 2

Over the past couple months Bynny has taken great "strides" towards walking all on her own. From pulling herself up on the coffee table, where we had some control over what she could get her hands on, to keeping a constant eye on her to ensure she's not getting into too much trouble. This video is a compilation of snippets from our days playing together at our condo and a little nostalgic music for me and those of you who grew up listening to Raffi.


  1. Em, I think you chose the two Raffi songs that I never, never, NEVER liked. However, the girl is cute.

  2. I don't think I listened to Raffi, but I would like a lumber jack to pour my milk!!

  3. Derek said...

    Argh! Blocked youtube at school, and my roommate pawned the modem! I'll just assume she was ridiculously cute.
    On the plus side, no Raffi.