Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

It's Christmas Eve and it's going to be Robyn's first Christmas tomorrow. We didn't decorate this year, but luckily Tara, mom and dad, Curtis and Joanne... and just about everyone else in the world did, so I don't feel so bad. At least Robyn won't remember how lazy we were this year... unless she reads this post when she's older.

Chris moved to Barrie a few months ago so he's missed spending as much time as he'd like with us. We are lucky that his new truck driving job allowed him to have this week off and he's in town visiting over Christmas. He sweetly asked to have a special play day with Robyn and suggested we go to Cosmic Adventure. We went this morning and it was so much fun. Robyn was a bit shy at first and not too sure where we brought her but she soon settled in by watching the other kids. She loved the ball pit and crawling all around the toddler jungle gym.

Well, I'm home waiting for Morgan, Jes and our secret guest to arrive for our own special second annual Auntie-Christmas night. We have wine, snacks and exchange small gifts. Robyn had to go to bed... if they don't get here soon, so will I.

At least It's a Wonderful Life is on. ("hey you look good, that's some dress you got on there") "Oh, this old thing? I only wear it when I don't care what I look like!" - great line.

Merry Christmas to all, and all a good night.

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