Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A short reflection

On January 16th I was reflecting:

I'm going back to work on Monday and I'm actually looking forward to it. Easing Robyn into daycare over the last few weeks has been a smart choice, making the transition less of a shock to the both of us.

This time last year I was rearranging furniture in the nursery, folding ridiculously small and adorable baby clothes into neat piles, rolling receiving blankets so not only do they look good they fit well in baskets, daydreaming of how wonderful it will be to have a baby, planning all sorts of "mommy and me" activities... Oh, how sweet and innocent I was. It's not like I didn't have friends telling me "don't be so naive - you won't have time to do anything, let alone sleep, eat, shower, do laundry..." - I did, they did, I didn't... at least for the first few months, before I got things under relative control and started venturing out in the world with my little bundle of joy.

All in all, the last year was a wonderful experience and I'm proud of our choices we made raising Robyn, even if we didn't get as much sleep as we may have with a little more discipline putting her down and letting her cry it out. I'm especially glad I chose to breastfeed for as long as I could - sending Robyn to daycare was the only reason I would have ever considered giving her formula.

Thinking back on so many wonderful memories is a bit overwhelming... tears of joy fill my eyes.

To be continued...

Two days old.

11 months old


  1. I am grateful to have been there for BOTH ages. You guys have done great, miss you all! <3


    P.S. Yummyyyy red onion! ;) I think that's my knee! baahahahahahah she's funny!

  2. (wipes tear from eye) You guys, and Jes, are perfect for that baby. Now if you can only teach her either to sleep or manage the TV remote.

  3. The home > daycare > back to work was really smooth. Well done! But it's a good thing this was a short look back: in phase 2, the ride gets faster! Buckle up for the excitement! We've stocked up on Gatorade so we can keep up.

    Davy Crockett